Government Relations

Virginia agribusiness is an extensive economic system that provides a safe and inexpensive food supply, environmental stewardship, and economic opportunities. Our farms and forests have been producing for hundreds of years and under the right conditions, they will continue to provide benefits for years to come. The Commonwealth's citizens, consumers, farmers, foresters, and elected officials can all work together to create a positive climate to enable agribusiness in Virginia to grow and thrive.

The Virginia Agribusiness Council represents all sectors of the agribusiness industry and advocates for laws and regulations that positively impact their business interests. Our membership includes producers, suppliers, service providers, marketers, distributors, and processors, as well as over forty commodity association and industry organizations.

Council policies on state and national issues are reached after thorough study and in consultation with the membership during an annual policy development process.

Policy positions are shared with the Governor, Executive Cabinet, state agencies, General Assembly, Congressional members, and federal agencies by the Council's lobbying staff located in Richmond, the Commonwealth's capital. As laws and regulations are developed impacting their businesses, the Council's membership is confident they have a strong and effective voice in the process.

Virginia Agribusiness Council
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