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Honor our members and partners who service the Ag and Forestry Industry! 

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Agribusiness Awards

Agribusiness Environment

-To an agribusiness for recognition of outstanding achievements, research, or practices that benefit both agribusiness and the environment.

2023 Recipient - Yankey Farms (Bristow, VA)

2022 Recipient - Dublin Farms (Horntown, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Beery Farms (Mt. Crawford, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - Renwood Farms (Charles City, Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Glenn Rodes, Riverhill Farms (Port Republic, Virginia)

Agribusiness of the Year

-To a member of the Council for exceptional contributions to Virginia agribusiness.

2023 Recipient - Houff Corporation (Weyers Cave, VA)

2022 Recipient - Red Sun Farms (Dublin, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Richlands Dairy Farm & Creamery (Blackstone, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - James River Equipment (Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Lynn Graves, Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges (Syria, Virginia)

Special Recognition of an Agribusiness

-To an agribusiness deserving recognition for service and support to the Council and Virginia agribusinesses.

2023 Recipient - W.S. Connelly & Co. Inc. (Midlothian, VA)

2022 Recipient - Frazier Quarry (Harrisonburg, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Virginia Green Lawn Care (Richmond, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - Phillips & Turman Tree Farms (Floyd, Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Virginia Cattle Company (Radiant, Virginia)

Individual Awards

Distinguished Friend of Agribusiness - Presented at the Appreciation Banquet to a member of Congress, state legislator, governor, or other influential governmental official for exceptional support of Virginia's agribusiness industry for a period of years.

Recent Recipients:

Land Grant University Award - To an outstanding faculty member, administrator, or employee of a Virginia Land Grant University (Virginia Tech or Virginia State University) for meritorious or exemplary service to the industry of agribusiness during their career.

2023 Recipient - William Crutchfield (Virginia State University) & Dr. Michael Goatley (Virginia Tech)

2022 Recipient - Jeremy Daubert (Rockbridge County) & Dr. Bobby Grisso (Virginia Tech)

2021 Recipient - Dr. Maru Kering (Petersburg, VA)

2021 Recipient - Dr. Alex White (Blacksburg, VA)

2021 Recipient - Amy Fannon Byington (Pennington Gap, VA)

2020 Recipient - Dr. Ozzie Abaye (Blacksburg, VA)

2020 Recipient - Scott Reiter (Prince George, VA)

2019 Recipient - Dr. Doug Pfeiffer (Blacksburg, VA)

2019 Recipient- Taylor Clarke (Mecklenburg, VA)

Alvin W. Blaha Distinguished Service - To an individual for meritorious service to the Virginia Agribusiness Council and the State's industry of agribusiness over a long period of time.

2023 Recipient - Wayne Kirby (Mechanicsville, Virginia)

2022 Recipient - Dennis Treacy (Smithifield, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Shelley Butler Barlow (Suffolk, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - Jim Riddell (Mineral, Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Dr. Dave Kohl (Blacksburg, Virginia)

Distinguished Leadership - To a past leader of the Council for meritorious service to the Virginia Agribusiness Council and the agribusiness industry.

2023 Recipient - Marlene Jolliffe (Doswell, VA)

2022 Recipient - Lea Scott (Richmond, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Easton Loving (Fork Union, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - Kern Houff (Weyers Cave, Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Bette Brand (Roanoke, Virginia)

Special Recognition of an Individual - To a person or persons deserving recognition for service to agribusiness, but not to the degree or for the length of time necessary for eligibility to received the Distinguished Service Award.

2023 Recipient - Kristen Hughes Evans (Sustainable Chesapeake)

2022 Recipient - Katie Frazier (Staunton, Virginia)

2021 Recipient - Dr. Mark Alley (Blacksburg, Virginia)

2020 Recipient - Dr. Jewel Bronaugh (Richmond, Virginia)

2019 Recipient - Paul and Boogie Davis (New Kent, Virginia)

For a full list of past winners, click here.

Members Creamfield Farm accepting award on behalf of Wayne Kirby for the 2023 Alvin W. Blaha Distinguished Service Award.

Del. Barry Knight accepting award for the 2023 Distinguished Friend of Agribusiness Award.

Senator Chap Petersen received the 2021 Distinguished Friend of Agribusiness Award at our Annual Legislative Banquet on January 13, 2022. 

For a full list of past winners, click here.

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